5 Beta Pay Pig Humiliation Findom/Financial Domination Scripts Pack


Get instant access to 5 scripts for beta male humiliation! 1,344 words of gold that can be tailored for both recorded videos and virtual one-on-one encounters.

What are you waiting for? Upgrade your domination game right now.


Get scripts for the following Beta Male Humiliation scenarios:

  • Making a beta male pay for their inadequacy – Require the beta male to pay a fee for not being able to meet their financial demands. Set up a payment plan and demand regular payments from the beta, reminding them of their inadequacy and inability to please their superior.
  • Humiliating a beta male for his lack of financial success – Mock and belittle the beta male for not being able to provide enough money to satisfy the dominant’s needs and wants. Threaten to expose the beta’s financial situation to others to increase the humiliation.
  • Dressing down a beta male for his inferiority – Make the beta male dress in humiliating clothes or act out demeaning tasks. The beta must wear cheap or unattractive clothing while the dominant flaunts their wealth and luxury items.
  • Public humiliation of a beta male – Require the beta to perform humiliating acts in public, such as wearing a sign that declares their inferiority or making them beg for money on the street. The humiliation could be amplified by the presence of other people, who could witness the beta’s inadequacy.
  • Financial domination of a beta male’s bank account – You know what’s happening here!

You watch as the beta male kneels before you. His head hangs low, his face a mask of shame and humiliation. He’s here because he failed to meet your financial or otherwise expectations and now must suffer the consequences. You savor this moment, relishing in his servitude.

“You can’t measure up,” you tell him with disdain, “so now you must pay.” The beta male shifts uncomfortably but does not speak back to you; he knows better than to argue against your superiority. Your eyes linger on him as though challenging him to do something about it, anything at all. But nothing comes from him except for accepting what is going on between you, an understanding that money will be exchanged for humiliation and degradation today.

He opens his wallet and hands over cash – far less than what was demanded by your findom services, yet more than enough considering how worthless he is compared to yourself – which causes a satisfied smirk to come across your lips. This time has been well worth it so far, but more fun is still left!

You point imperiously towards the ground where coins were scattered earlier during one of your displays of superiority, demanding that each coin be picked up individually until they are all gone from sight again. The beta male obediently follows through with this request, too, silently wincing at every single move made despite knowing full well that disobeying would result in even harsher punishments later on.

When all coins have been collected at last, however, their attention turns away from them and onto yourself instead- eagerly awaiting any other direction or order given next…

5 Beta Pay Pig Humiliation Findom/Financial Domination Scripts Pack