What To Say As A Findom: Essential Tips For Dominating Your Subs

Hey there, Findom expert here. I’ve been doing Findom for years and want to share some of my best tips with you so you can dominate your FinSubs quickly! This blog post’ll discuss the essential things to say as a Findom – everything from short commands to complete sentences. With these tools, you’ll quickly become an expert Domme in no time! So let’s get started.

Understanding the Basics of Findom

Findom is an acronym for Financial Domination, which is a form of BDSM subculture in the world of fetish. People who identify as Findoms primarily practice their lifestyle online, using web platforms such as Twitter and OnlyFans to connect with willing slaves.

The purpose of Findom is to empower the Dominant partner by controlling the submissive partner’s finances and lifestyle choices. The goal is to create a dynamic where the submission can be pleasurable for both parties involved without ever having any physical contact.

In most cases, a Findom session starts when the Dominant sets expectations for what they want from the slave before setting up payment arrangements or “tributes” (a term used in some circles). These tributes range from expensive gifts like jewelry or cars to smaller items like panties or shoes. Awards are often made via cryptocurrency transactions, so law enforcement or financial advisors cannot easily track them.

Once a tribute has been made, it’s up to the Dominant what happens next – called ‘rules.’ For example, some rules may include not allowing access to porn sites or requiring frequent updates on how much money has been saved each month – ensuring all promises have been kept and honoring contracts agreed upon between partners upfront.

The ultimate goal of Financial Domination is not only about controlling someone financially but also about gaining power over them emotionally and mentally through psychological manipulation tactics such as humiliation play and blackmailing (a type of coercion). This creates an imbalance in power dynamics between two people, leading to an intense experience similar (but far more extreme) to what one might get from traditional BDSM activities like spanking and bondage.

Depending on how comfortable you feel, exploring these areas with another person will determine if this particular kink style interests you – because, at its core, there must always be trust among those engaging in these interactions! As with any other kind of relationship dynamic, remember communication is vital – make sure that everyone involved feels safe enough to talk openly about their wants/needs before starting together!

Knowing Your Subs and What They Desire as a Find

Subscribers are the heartbeat of any successful blog, whether you’ve been in the business for years or just started. If readers don’t feel valued by your content, they won’t stick around long enough to subscribe. That’s why knowing what your subscribers want and how to give it is important.

The first step is getting inside the minds of your readers and understanding what drives their decisions when subscribing. Do some research into who follows you already or do surveys that measure engagement – this can help you dig deeper into what people find valuable on your blog and which topics spark more interest than others. It also allows you to track trends over time so that if something stops resonating with readers, you can adjust quickly before losing too many members.

Once you know the types of posts that will draw in subscriptions, start creating content specifically tailored for those audiences by answering questions they may be asking themselves or going beyond general information presented elsewhere on similar topics. Make sure each post provides accurate, actionable advice rather than vague concepts – make yourself a go-to resource for reliable answers related to specific subjects within your niche or industry so that avid followers choose not only to follow but stay subscribed.

In addition, don’t forget about establishing a relationship with new followers – keep up communication with them via dedicated newsletters where you share exclusive news about upcoming events or special offers available exclusively through subscription channels – this helps remind people why subscribing through email lists makes sense in terms of receiving rewards unavailable anywhere else on other channels such as social media platforms like Facebook, etc.

Finally, always look for ways to increase the value offered by being part of the subscriber base: offer contests and giveaways exclusive only for subscribers; create private forums/groups where subscribed followers can communicate among themselves; invite guest writers once per week (if possible) covering different aspects within the topic discussed regularly – all these steps ensure high-level interaction between publisher & subscriber resulting in subscribers actively engaging & feeling appreciated at the same time thus adding even further personal touch while increasing loyalty levels even higher!

Essential Commands to Use During Findom Sessions

Findom, or “financial domination,” has become a popular way for those interested in financial dominance and submission to explore each other’s interests. While there are no set rules or regulations for engaging in findom sessions, specific commands can make the experience more enjoyable and effective for both partners. Here are some essential orders to use during findom sessions:


is one of the most basic yet essential phrases during findom sessions. The phrase “send” should be used whenever you want your partner to act (sending money, gifts, etc.). It also indicates that you expect them to follow your request without hesitation or delay.


This is another key phrase used throughout a findom session; it conveys respect and reverence towards your partner and will help establish a strong power dynamic between you. When using this command, emphasize its importance by instructing your partner on how they should worship you (i.e., kneel on their knees while making eye contact).


Obeying orders is an integral part of any successful financial domination session; thus, issuing orders accompanied by the word “obey” helps ensure compliance from your submissive partner. Be clear about what behavior is expected from them before issuing any commands with this word attached; it makes it easier for both parties to understand expectations and ensures that everyone involved knows precisely what kind of activity will occur during their session together.


Asking for tribute keeps things explicit and sets boundaries within each role-play scenario so that both people know exactly what actions will lead up to tributary payment being exchanged between them – in addition, using words like ‘tribute’ can act as a reinforcement tool when communicating strict requirements such as desired amounts of money/gifts/etc.

Handsomely paid

This verbal cue implies generosity while also confirming that all financial offerings have been accepted without issue – it allows dominant partners to express their satisfaction over successfully collecting their tribute without sounding overly demanding or greedy at the same time! This phrase also encourages humility among submissive participants who may feel embarrassed asking directly for payment even if they know they deserve it!


Acknowledge gratitude towards anyone involved to promote healthy dynamics between partners; thanking someone after receiving tributes will show respect, which often leads to positive experiences overall – plus, appreciation offers an opportunity for acknowledgment beyond just monetary transactions!

These essential commands listed above should be incorporated into every findom session, so both individuals understand how interaction works within these scenarios – especially since there isn’t always much room left open for interpretation! Doing so eliminates confusion, ultimately leading to smoother negotiations and an enjoyable experience overall!!

Creative Ideas for Writing Findom Scripts

Writing Findom scripts can be daunting, especially if you are new to the fetish. It is important to remember that dominants and submissives will use these scripts in their online sessions, so they must be well-written and engaging for both parties. Here are some tips on how to write creative Findom scripts:

Choose an Interesting Theme

Choose an interesting theme or topic when writing a script for your Findom session. This could involve discussing aspects of the fetish, such as financial domination, power dynamics, or humiliation. You can also develop creative ideas, such as role plays or narratives, to keep the session enjoyable for both parties.

Create Dialogue

Including dialogue in your script can help create more engaging conversations between you and your submissive during the session. Writing out possible discussions beforehand can structure your discussion throughout the session and allow you both to explore topics further.

Add Sensual Details

Adding sensual details to your script will help set the scene of each interaction and make it more personalized for each situation. This could involve describing physical sensations such as touch and smell, what sort of clothes they may need, props that could be used, etc. These details create a rich, immersive experience during each interaction.

Use Visuals

Utilising visuals can add another layer of engagement within the session. You could use images or videos featuring money or luxury items that demonstrate wealth and extravagance; this would provide visual stimulation for both parties involved to understand better what financial domination means without having too much discussion about it.

Finally, when writing effective Findom scripts, try not to forget about safety protocols at all times; this includes asking permission from subs before proceeding with any activity involving money transfers or other sensitive topics. Additionally, setting boundaries beforehand should also be discussed with heroes before to starting any interaction. These rules should always remain transparent so everyone knows exactly where they stand while participating in Findom sessions.

Tips on Improving Your Findom Presence

Findom stands for “financial domination,” a BDSM-related phenomenon in which a dominant partner, typically female, enforces financial control over her submissive partner. Findom is an increasingly popular trend in the BDSM scene and has gained momentum on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. For those looking to get involved with findom or improve their presence, here are some simple tips:

Be Professional

The key to successful findom is having professional boundaries and remaining consistent with the rules of play. As a domme, you should always respect your submissives’ limits and your own – this means setting clear expectations from the start and sticking to them throughout all interactions. This will help create trust between yourself and your subs, essential for successful long-term relationships.

Create Quality Content

People are drawn to aesthetically pleasing visuals, so creating quality content that stands out can go a long way in boosting engagement on social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter. Consider investing in high-quality photography equipment to ensure your pictures look professional or even hiring a content creator if you don’t feel confident doing it yourself! Additionally, curating exciting topics (such as BDSM-related blogs/articles) can draw more attention to your profile while providing valuable information for potential subs who may not have heard about findom before coming across you online!

Engage With Your Following

A great way to establish trust with potential subs is by interacting with them regularly through comments or direct messages. If someone has taken an interest in one of your posts (for example, by liking it), take the time to reply politely and show appreciation for their support – this will give people an opportunity to learn more about what you offer before potentially committing themselves financially. Additionally, keeping up conversations outside of money matters can help deepen connections leading to longer-lasting relationships where desires beyond financial interests may be explored further down the line!

Stay Safe & Have Fun

Finally, safety should always come first when engaging in any kink play; ensure both parties understand the terms & conditions regarding payments beforehand and how privacy will be maintained after sessions end (e.g., no sharing personal info). Ensure everyone feels comfortable throughout all interactions – communication is critical here, so don’t hesitate to ask questions if something seems unclear! Enjoying yourself during sessions helps build stronger connections, too – having fun brings people closer together, resulting in better experiences overall!

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