Findom Terms: What You Need To Know Before Entering The Scene

Hi there! Welcome to the world of findom. I’ve been a part of this scene for years and have learned so much along the way. Now, I’m excited to share my knowledge with you!

Whether you’re just starting in findom or are an experienced financial dominatrix, this blog post will help you understand the terms and conditions of entering into these types of arrangements. So buckle up – we’re about to take off on a journey into findomming!

Common Findom Terms

Financial Domination: A fetish or practice where one person (the submissive) derives pleasure from giving money or gifts to another person (the dominant).

Findom: Abbreviation for Financial Domination.

Paypig: A submissive individual who willingly and eagerly gives money or financial gifts to a dominant partner.

Cash Slave: Similar to a paypig, a cash slave is a submissive person who enjoys being financially controlled and exploited by a dominant partner.

Tribute: A payment or gift given by a submissive to a dominant as an expression of submission and devotion.

Mistress/Master: The dominant person in a financial domination relationship who receives money and gifts from the submissive.

Wallet Rape: A term used to describe an intense and extreme financial domination session where the submissive’s finances are drained rapidly and excessively.

Financial Slavery: The act of completely surrendering control of one’s finances to a dominant partner.

Human ATM: A submissive individual who acts as a source of cash for a dominant, dispensing money upon request.

Money Domme: A dominant person who specializes in financial domination and derives pleasure from controlling the finances of submissives.

Finsub: Abbreviation for Financial Submissive, referring to an individual who willingly submits to financial control and exploitation.

Cash Fetish: A sexual or psychological fetish where an individual finds pleasure or arousal in the handling, giving, or receiving of money.

Debt Contract: A formal agreement between a dominant and a submissive that outlines financial obligations, repayment terms, and consequences for non-compliance.

Financial Control: The act of having authority and power over another person’s financial resources, often exercised within the context of a financial domination relationship.

Cash Drain: The process of intentionally depleting a submissive’s financial resources through continuous demands for money or gifts.

Financial Humiliation: A practice within financial domination that involves demeaning or degrading a submissive through the use of their financial situation or lack thereof.

Financial Mindfuck: A psychological technique used by dominants to manipulate and control a submissive’s financial decisions and mindset.

Blackmail Fetish: A fetish where a submissive derives pleasure from the idea of being blackmailed by a dominant partner, often involving financial demands.

Financial Worship: The act of revering and idolizing money, wealth, and the dominant partner’s control over the submissive’s finances.

Financial Drain: A gradual and continuous extraction of money or resources from a submissive over an extended period.

Financial Contract: A formal or informal agreement between a dominant and a submissive that outlines the financial dynamics and expectations of their relationship.

Gift Fetish: A fetish where an individual derives pleasure from receiving gifts from a dominant partner, often in the context of financial domination.

Cash Fetishism: A form of fetishism where an individual derives sexual or psychological gratification from money itself or the act of giving or receiving money.

Money Slavery: A term used to describe the submissive’s state of being financially enslaved or controlled by a dominant partner.

Financial Domme/Dom: A dominant individual who specializes in financial domination and enjoys controlling and exploiting the finances of submissives.

Financial Exploitation: The act of taking advantage of a submissive’s financial vulnerability or weakness for personal gain or satisfaction.

Financial Sadism: The act of deriving pleasure or satisfaction from inflicting financial pain or suffering on a submissive partner.

Pay Slavery: A term used to describe a submissive’s complete surrender and subjugation to a dominant partner’s financial demands.

Financial Control Fetish: A fetish where an individual derives pleasure from having control over another person’s finances, often involving domination and submission

One of the most popular terms associated with Findom is “pay pig.” This term often refers to someone who willingly pays out money in exchange for attention, humiliation, or even a feeling of powerlessness and submission. The person paying out the money typically doesn’t receive anything in return besides being able to pleasure their domme financially. Pay pigs may also be referred to as cash cows by some dominatrices.

Another common findom term is “tribute.” A tribute generally refers to gifts or payments given to a dominatrix by submissive clients to show appreciation and respect for her dominance over them. These tributes can come in many forms, such as physical gifts, financial transfers, and other services rendered – all done to please their domme physically or emotionally and express gratitude for being allowed into her world.

“Financial domination” (or FinDom) almost sounds like an oxymoron. Still, it accurately describes this form of BDSM play where one person dominates another by controlling their wallet rather than through traditional means such as spanking, bondage, etc.

Financial domination involves setting rules around how much money must be sent, when it needs to be sent, and what types of expenses are permitted – all while maintaining an element of control over the submissive partner that goes beyond sexual gratification alone. It could involve making sure bills are paid on time or helping manage finances effectively without taking away any sense of freedom that might otherwise be enjoyed if not under FinDom conditions.

Money Slave: A money slave pays tribute or gives gifts as an act of submission to their financial dominatrix. The submissive can give anything from cash or gifts to sexual favors in exchange for domination by the domme.

Tribute/Gift: Tributes or Gifts are payments that a submissive makes in exchange for being dominated by the domme. This could be anything from cash, lingerie, jewelry, clothing items, vacations, and more – depending on the service the domme offers and how much the sub is willing to pay.

Cash Piggy/Cashcow: Cash Pigs or Cash Cows refer to those subs who provide regular weekly payments as tributes without fail, often referred to as “pigging” because they are always ready with money whenever called upon by their Mistress.

Financial Submissives: Financial Submissives refer to those individuals whose primary focus within BDSM relationships is submitting financially instead of physically like other BDSM roles might require them to, although physical aspects may still come into play at times if desired by both parties involved.

Pay Piggies/ATM slaves: Pay Piggies or ATM Slaves refer to those subs who literally carry around large amounts of cash with them wherever they go so that whenever asked by their Mistress, they will have something available for her no matter what situation arises suddenly such as when she needs luxury items bought immediately, etc., this type of relationship requires a lot trust between both parties involved since security issues do arise due to transportability concerns – but can also bring extreme satisfaction when done properly!

Finally, there is “gift carding,” a specific type of financial play that involves exchanging gift cards instead of actual cash between partners in Dom/Sub relationships. Gift cards act as virtual tokens representing different amounts depending on the agreement between parties involved – usually anywhere from $5-500 per card – allowing Dommes more control over what her Subs can buy with those funds versus giving them free rein with actual currency, which could lead to abuse down the line if there isn’t proper oversight involved. Gift carding offers people a way to enjoy anonymous transactions while keeping track of spending habits, creating an environment where trust can build up gradually over time between two partners engaged in Findom activities together instead of rushing headfirst into risky situations right away!

There are a few terms that, while not as common as some of the other terms discussed above, are still used in the Findom world. One of these is “cuckolding.” This involves one partner allowing another to control their finances and spend money on them without their permission or consent. Many find this an empowering way to express power dynamics between partners, although it does come with the potential for abuse, which should be taken into consideration before engaging in cuckolding behavior.

Another term associated with Findom is “tribute” or “tributing.” This is when someone pays money directly to someone else as a form of homage or honor – usually within the context of BDSM play but also commonly seen in financial domination relationships. Tributing can take many forms – paying off debt, buying gifts such as jewelry or clothing, making regular donations towards bills, even taking part in online cam sessions where you pay tribute via tips – so long as both parties agree to it, then anything goes!

One key term often used by those who practice or participate in findom is “sugar daddy”. A sugar daddy is typically an older man who provides financial support for someone else in exchange for companionship or sexual services. The relationship need not involve physical contact, though it could involve anything from sending gifts to covering rent expenses. The main idea behind this arrangement is that one partner has more resources than another, which they use to their advantage while also providing security and stability for their partner.

The last term we will discuss is “cash slave” (sometimes spelled cash slaver). A cash slave is someone who donates all their disposable income towards fulfilling the wishes and desires of their Findomme/FinDom Master/mistress/dominator, etcetera – essentially, they become financially subservient and have no say over how money given by them gets spent by another person – something which can obviously bring up difficult emotions for both people involved if not approached carefully and respectfully!

Ultimately, whether someone chooses to engage in any kind of financial domination relationship should always be based upon mutual respect and agreement from both sides rather than coercion – safety first!

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